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Senior Instructors









Assistant Instructors for 2018

Director / Choreographer

Vocal & Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics, Acrozone, Elite Teams, Solos, Duos, Trios. 

Kirsty was trained in gymnastics from the age of 5 and accepted into the Western Australian Institute of Sport at the age of 7, competing National and State competitions. 
After successfully ranking first in her state championships in gymnastics at the age of 13,  she started dancing and singing training professionally in both whilst still doing gymnastics.

Kirsty has performed in Troupes at competitions genres include Jazz, Hiphop, Tap, acrobatics and in song and dance groups.

Kirsty’s career saw her  performing at fairs, festivals, telethon, clubs and pubs and corporate events. She has attended many workshops in Perth and also at Brent Street in Sydney.

Kirsty became a senior instructor at the age of 15 teaching dancing,  vocal technique classes and private lessons. She is a gifted choreographer in acrobatic routines which saw her students compete at state and national competitions placing in the top 3 for Balance, Dynamic and Tempo routines.

Kirsty specialises in, Gymnastics, Jazz, Acrobatics, Tap, Singing & Cheer-dance and more. She is passionate about everything she does and has a creative outlook to her dancing and singing.

Kirsty’s goals are to develop and help children who share the same passion for dance and performing that she does and build them in to the best dancers they can be.

In January 2015, Kirsty founded and opened her doors at Eclipse Dance & Performing Arts  to build a dance school where children through to adults can have fun and enjoy themselves while developing their skill, technique, and passion for our incredible sport.

“I love what i do, seeing the fun and joy on all our students faces is why i do what i do.  You get to see and be apart of the childrens growth through their stages of dance to become incredible athletes and performers.


    Cheyenne Davies - Acrobatics, Jazz & Elite Choreography

    Paris Matthews - Acrobatics, Jazz, Musical Theatre & Elite Choreography

    Mani Mae Gomes - Ballet & Jazz

    Amanda Berry - Jazz, Acrobatics & Elite Choreography

    Jaimie Robson - Hip Hop & Elite Choreography

    Demi Taylor - Acrobatics & Elite Choreography

    Keziah Erispe - Hip Hop

    Natalia Menna - Elite Choreography



    Imogen Kingsmill, Ruby Thoms, Natalia Menna, Imogen Taylor, Ashlyn Logan, Suzie Gatani, Demi Taylor




U2, 9 Abaya Street Jandakot WA

9414 7794 or 0477 55 66 47